What is hypochlorous acid - everything you need to know

There is a safe and effective way to quickly treat rooms and areas for bacteria; fogging Hypochlorus acid (HOCl).

You may have heard words such as fogging, misting, and spraying banded about, but what is fogging and is hypochlorous acid safe?

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Fogging is a method of spraying or misting liquid using a fogging machine, also known as a fogger or electrostatic sprayer.  Depending on the specifications of the fogger used, the droplets that are sprayed can be so small that, when dispensed, they are dry.

Hypochlorous acid (ESOL™) is becoming increasingly well known for it safe and effective anti-microbial properties.

HOCL is present in all humans.  If you were to become sick or cut yourself, your body produces Hypochlorous acid and teams up with your white blood cells to combat any infection.

We get lots of questions about our ESOL™ liquid, and rightly so.  If you are going to be using a product you want to know the effects it will have on you and the environment.

Is ESOL™ safe for my eyes and skin?

Hypochlorous acid (ESOL™) will not harm eyes or skin however in the event of an adverse reaction rinse with water.

Will ESOL™ fog affect my clothes?

No, there are no adverse effect on clothes when walking through ESOL™ fog.

What do I do if Hypochlorous acid (ESOL) is accidentally swallowed?

ESOL™ is safe, non-toxic, and non-irritant – swallowing small amounts of electrolyzed water will not pose a risk however it is not recommended to consume the solution.

What happens if I inhale Hypochlorous acid (ESOL)?

Nothing; no harm will come to you, your animal or your children, this product is completely safe.

What is ESOL ™?

ESOL™ is the result of the electrolysis of ordinary tap water containing dissolved sodium chloride (salt) is also known as:

  • Electrolyzed water
  • ECAS
  • Electrolyzed oxidizing water

The electrolysis of the salt solution produces a mix of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide.

The resulting water is a known cleanser and disinfectant or sanitizer.  It is safe to humans and animals and because, over time it returns to its constituent parts, it is also environmentally friendly.

Is the fog from an ESOL™ fogger dry?

Yes.  The fog that is dispersed from an ESOL™ fogger has a micron size of less than 5 (a micron is another measurement of particle size. A micron is one-millionth of a metre) which means that the droplet sizes are so small they are suspended in the air, creating a dry fog.

When walking through fog, how long does it take to disinfect?

Walking through fog or a misting tunnel and remain in the fog for 20 seconds is sufficient time for ESOL™ to settle on each person and kill any bacteria that may be present.

Is ESOL™ safe for my unborn child?

Yes. The active ingredient in ESOL™ is Hypochlorous acid.  Hypochlorous acid is present in all humans, it is the substance your white blood cells produce to fight off infection.  ESOL™ dry fog will cause no harmful effect to you or your child.

Will the fog from a fogging machine affect my mobile phone?

If you happen to have your mobile in your hand whilst walking through the misting tunnel, it will not harm your phone because the fog is dry (if anything, it will start to work on any bacteria on your phone)

What ingredients are used to make Hypochlorous acid (ESOL)?

The only ingredients that are used to produce electrolyzed water are salt (NaCl), water (H2O) and electricity – nothing more.

How is ESOL™ (electrolysed water) made?

Some processes may vary between electrolyzed water producers however we can share with you, our process, and the science behind it.

A generator splits a very weak saline solution entering the generators core, into positively and negatively charged solutions. The negative ionic solution contains a mix of oxidant species and this is what we refer to as electrolyzed water (ESOL™).

How does Hypochlorous acid (ESOL) disinfect?

When electrolyzed water meets a bacteria or virus, it causes an imbalance, breaking down its defences and rendering it harmless.

The solution creates an environment outside the working range of important microbial processes, including energy-generating mechanisms.

Pathogens will come into contact with powerful oxidants which will sequester electrons from microbial structural compounds, causing the rupturing of biochemical bonds and subsequent loss of function.

This is often described as an ‘oxidative stress’.

Why does electrolyzed water have a slight smell of chlorine?

Once the ingredients have undergone electrolysis one of the oxidant species is Hypochlorous acid which gives the solution a slight smell of chlorine.

This odour dissipates very quickly.

What is Hypochlorous acid?

Hypochlorous acid is present in all humans, it is the substance your white blood cells produce to fight off infection.

When it comes to ESOL™, hypochlorous acid (HClO) is a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water, and itself partially dissociates, forming ClO-. HClO and ClO- are oxidizers, and the primary disinfection agents of chlorine solutions.

Where can I buy a fogger?

There are many fogging/misting machines on the market today, all of which will spray a fine mist of your chosen liquid. 

Bridge Biotechnology have developed an ESOL™ fogger that produces a dry fog and when used with ESOL™ it helps kill airborne bacteria and adds another layer of protection to any cleaning regime.

ESOL™ Static fogger with dial control £150.00

Particle size: 5-50 microns

16ltr capacity tank

1500ml/h airflow rate

Price includes 5ltr of ESOL™ for fogging

ESOL™ Static fogger with timer control £180.00

Particle size: 5-50 microns

3 x fogging heads

LED panel gives you control of fog dispensed at the touch of a button.

Timer to control the amount of fog dispensed

13ltr capacity tank

1500ml/h airflow rate

Includes 5ltr of ESOL™ for fogging

ESOL™ Handheld Fogger £568.75

Particle size: 5-50 microns

3ltr capacity tank

Lightweight and portable


Before buying a fogger, what features should I check?

Price – Foggers can vary largely in price from £100 – £800!

Micron size – The ‘wetness’ of the fog depends on the micron size *jump up* expelled from the fogger.  If you are looking for a dry fog, make sure your fogger can produce fog at a micron size of 5-10 (pm).

Delivery time – Many of the fogging machines on the market are not manufactured in the UK.  Check the origin of your fogger to ensure you will not be waiting weeks on the delivery.


Businesses and organisations want to implement every hygiene measure they can, into their daily routines, to ensure that their staff and customers are protected.

Fogging ESOL™ allows you to, safely, kill any bacteria and viruses that may be in the air.  At the same time, the ESOL™ fog that settles on surfaces (and people) will also kill any bacteria missed by routine surface disinfection.  Once switched on, ESOL™ foggers do not need any manual intervention for them to fog a whole room.

HOCL (hypochlorous acid) is an entirely safe and environmentally friendly alternative to harmful chemicals. 

ESOL™ is BSEN14476 and BSEN1276 approved.

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