pakistan water crisis

Since 2013, Bridge Biotechnology have worked in collaboration with Portsmouth Aviation and the University of the West of England to develop a compact and portable water purification system capable of delivering clean drinking water at source.

"This is science for the real world addressing urgent problems through positive partnership working. The work being conducted by Darren's team and our partners, Portsmouth Aviation, Pentair and Bridge Biotechnology is world class."

- Professor Steve West, UWE Vice-Chancellor

ESOL is a key component of this system and serves two purposes:

  • To keep the ultra-filtration membrane within the system completely free from contamination (bio-fouling)
  • To disinfect the final water product, replacing Chlorine
  • Provide a residual kill protecting the water from pathogens reforming after disinfection.

The water purification system has now been commercially scaled up and is fitted into standard 20ft and 40ft containers making each unit easy to transport by road, ship or train.