Our policies - bridge biotechnology

Bridge Biotechnology (part of the 'The Bridge Group') are committed to high standards for both customer and employee.

We have several policies in place, these can be viewed below:

Having well-developed policies and procedures in place:

  1. Helps employees know what is expected of them with respect to standards of behaviour and performance.
  2. Helps adopt a consistent and clear response across the company to continually refer to situations involving employee interaction.
  3. Demonstrates good faith that employees will be treated fairly and equally.
  4. Demonstrates we have an accepted method of dealing with complaints and misunderstandings in place to help avoid favouritism.
  5. Set a framework for delegation of decision making.
  6. Policies give you a means of communicating information to new employees.
  7. Policies offer you protection from breaches of employment legislation, such as equal opportunity laws

If you have any questions regarding any of our policies please feel free to contact us