Mike Deery

Mike Deery Director Bridge Biotechnology

Whilst sitting in an airplane, I got speaking to the man next to me about his life and work.  It came to light that his business produced an enzyme that ate waste. "Can it eat chicken waste?" I asked when he replied "yes" the start of this journey began.   

My late friend was in charge of a large chicken factory, the doctors enzyme was introduced at the plant saving the company thousands of pounds a year and also having a positive effect on the environment. The whole experience had me deeply involved in many environmental projects, one being ESOL.

Several years later Bridge Biotechnology was born

Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker Finance Director Bridge Biotechnology

Mike and I worked together before the inception of Bridge Biotechnology.

Several years ago Mike came to me with a business proposition to research and develop an environmentally, clean disinfectant. Together with Mike and the team, this research has lead us to the production of our ESOL  generators.

Fast forward to the present day; the clean technology industry is an exciting, fast moving sector to be involved in. Bridge Bio's technology has a huge part to play offering a circular economy solution to many different sectors.

Nick Montgomery

Nick Montgomery Scientific Liaison Officer

Hello there. I’m Nick and I have been part of the Bridge Biotechnology team for over five years and have loved every minute of it. I am passionate about my work, and specifically the environmental, social and economic impacts that Bridge Bio is having.

Working on technologies that can potentially play a role in reducing resource use, lowering carbon emissions and saving lives worldwide is hugely rewarding. I also enjoy communicating these technologies to stakeholders and it means have been lucky enough to have travelled to different parts of the world and have met a wide range of people often from different cultures.

The clean technology industry has strengthened over the past decade, and I am always motivated to work hard and improve Bridge Biotechnology’s position in that market.

Billy Spence

Billy Spence - Engineer

I have been with the company for the past 14 years. 

Together with Nick and Mindaugas, we are all responsible for the technologies build, software and engineering. My engineering background in the Air Force has put me in good stead for the position at Bridge Biotechnology.

Continuous improvement plays a key part in my daily work and I love nothing better than to get stuck in and get my hands dirty!


Mindaugas Videika

Mindaugas Videika - Engineer

I joined the team in 2013

I have an electronics and engineering background so working on building each ESOL generator  for a customer unit is a highlight for me. Investigating the requirements to ensure the technologies give exact outputs is essential.

The fact that our products can really make a difference globally excites me, I can't wait to see what is next for Bridge Biotechnology.

Kathleen Elliott

Kathleen Elliott - Marketing

I joined the company In June 2014 and was tasked with the Marketing, Social Media and website build for Bridge Biotechnology.  My day to day job can vary wildly, that’s what I love about it!  

Working with the company, you can see first hand the effects Bridge Bio's technology is having in several market sectors. The potential for their technology is huge which makes it easy to be passionate about my role.