In order to find the right business partner, each company must share the same fundamental core values. 

Our licensed Tier 1 partner, Global Ecology Group Ltd (GEG) combines science, technology and inspiration to introduce progressive approaches supporting government, non-governmental and commercial partners to reach their goals.

Together with GEG, Bridge Biotechnology have been able to expand the reach of our ESOL™ anti-bacterial, anti-microbial liquid using portable fogging technology.

As a critical response to the COVID-19 pandemic, fogging ESOL™ is a safe and effective way of killing all bacteria and viruses safely without any harm to humans, animals or the environment. 

Our partnership with GEG allows our teams to deliver a fogging service that can be deployed globally in any size of building or vehicle.

There are many advantages of fogging with ESOL™:

  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • Rapid disinfection time
  • No downtime (humans and animals can remain in the building)
  • No moisture (ESOL™ is dry fogged into spaces)
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-hazardous
  • No requirement for PPE
  • Fully biodegradable

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Since 1994, the Founder and CEO of GEG, Owen J. Morgan has been fully committed to researching and developing a wide range of eco-technologies and solutions for the rehabilitation and secondary recovery of industrial waste, groundwater pollution and heavy oil soil remediation. His know-how has been instrumental in meeting real-world disasters with ethically responsible countermeasures.

You can find out more about Global Ecology Group here

Does ESOL™ kill CoronaVirus COVID-19?

ESOL™ is currently being independently tested against the corona virus (COVID-19) and along with our academic partners at the University of West of England, we are confident that it will pass.

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