Do you work in the hospitality industry?

Do you own or manage a hotel, pub, or similar type of business?

Are you looking for a quick and safe solution to decontaminate your premises?

Fogging, and in particular, fogging Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) may just be the answer…

In this article we are going to briefly explain what fogging is, give you the lowdown on Hypochlorous acid, and highlight 5 of the main benefits associated with fogging with HOCL.

What is fogging? (Electrostatic spraying)

Fogging is a method of dry misting liquid using a fogging machine, also known as a fogger or electrostatic sprayer.

Depending on the specifications of the fogger used, the droplets that are sprayed can be so small that, when dispensed, they are dry.

To allow you to determine how ‘dry’ the mist or fog is, you need to know the micron size of the particles (μm). All good fogging machines should have the particle size stated within the technical specifications at the very least. For a fogger to produce a dry fog the micron size produced need to be less than 10(μm).

What are the 5 benefits of fogging with Hypochlorous acid?

Fogging allows you to decontaminate a pub, restaurant, office, hotel room, meeting room and other similar hospitality spaces, quickly, safely, and easily.

Benefit of fogging #1

Decontamination of air:

Fogging Hypochlorous acid allows you to, safely, kill any bacteria and viruses that may be present in the air.
This is particularly good for businesses that have an ever-changing footfall of customers.
Fogging HOCL has been found to be very effective at eliminating odours and is used in hotel rooms during standard cleaning, restaurant areas, kitchens and other spaces that tend to gather and hold strong smells.

Benefit of fogging #2

Secondary disinfection:

At the same time as killing bacteria in the air, the HOCL fog that settles on surfaces (and people) will also kill any bacteria missed by routine surface disinfection.

Benefit of fogging #3

No fuss:

Once switched on, ESOL™ foggers do not need any manual intervention for them to fog a whole room. The foggers are operated by either a dial, switch, or LED panel (this is dependent on the model) to control the air flow.
The machine creates a strong air stream flowing through the liquid tank to eject microscopic particle sizes resulting in a dry fog of HOCL.

Benefit of fogging #4

Added layer of hygiene security for staff and customers:

Many companies have implemented a wide variety of different solutions into their workspace, to minimise the spread of the current coronavirus (Sars-Cov2).
Fogging is a quick and easy way to decontaminate the air in any space even when customers are ‘in-situ’ as the fog is entirely safe to have land on your skin, your clothes and even to inhale.

A Hypochlorous acid fogger ensures that the air in any setting is free from bacteria and viruses.

Benefit of fogging #5

Peace of mind:

From a company perspective, knowing that you have gone that extra mile to decontaminate your premises allows you to trade confidently.
Similarly, fogging your premises with HOCL enables customers to visit a pub or hotel without apprehension.

What is HOCL – Hypochlorous acid?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is becoming increasingly well known for it safe and effective anti-microbial properties.
Did you know HOCL is present in all humans?

If you were to become sick or cut yourself, your body produces Hypochlorous acid and teams up with your white blood cells to combat any infection.

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What bacteria and viruses does Hypochlorous acid kill?

Hypochlorous acid is not a standard ‘across the board’ product.  HOCL can be produced at different strengths and can have varying PH levels and the Chlorine ppm (parts per million) can differ hugely.

The efficacy of these different brands varies depending on the way the liquid is produced.

There are several brands of HOCL, one being ESOL™. 

ESOL™ is made using an ESOL™ generator, these generators are designed and produced by Bridge Biotechnology Ltd.

ESOL™ has been independently tested and is BSEN14476 and BSEN1276 approved.  ESOL™ has proven to effectively destroy pathogens and enveloped viruses including:

  • Coronavirus
  • MRSA
  • E-coli
  • Salmonella
  • Norovirus
  • Legionella
  • Listeria
  • Clostridium difficile
  • HIV
  • Pseudomonas
  • Campylobacter

Where can I buy a fogger?

There are many fogging/misting machines on the market today, all of which will spray a fine mist of your chosen liquid.

Bridge Biotechnology have developed an ESOL™ fogger that produces a dry fog and when used with ESOL™ it helps kill airborne bacteria and adds another layer of protection to any cleaning regime.

ESOL™ Static fogger with dial control £170.00

Particle size: 5-50 microns

16ltr capacity tank

1500ml/h airflow rate

Price includes 5ltr of ESOL™ for fogging

ESOL™ Handheld Fogger £568.75

Particle size: 5-50 microns

3ltr capacity tank

Lightweight and portable



To allow companies to start receiving customers and trade again, people want to feel safe. Safe in the knowledge that the shop they are visiting or the hotel they are staying at has taken every step to minimise the transfer of viruses and bacteria.

Nobody wants to live a life wrapped in cotton wool but at the same time, people need to be reassured that business premises are safe.

HOCL / ESOL™ foggers can help any business decontaminate their premises quickly and safely.

Bridge Biotechnology have been using HOCL foggers in the Fruit and Vegetable industry for 20+ years, fogging post-harvest vegetable with HOCL as a safe alternative to chlorine.

Our HOCL liquid (ESOL™) is safe, effective and holds BSEN14476 and BSEN1276 approvals.

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