ESOL stands for Electrolysed Solution

'ESOL' is the trading name for our Electrolysed water

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But what is ESOL electrolysed water, and why are the scientists getting so excited?

ESOL is a low carbon, environmentally friendly liquid that you process on your own premises using our proprietary technology.

ESOL looks and feels just like ordinary water.  It is non-toxic and completely bio degradable.  Despite this ESOL is capable of extraordinary disinfection

We use only three ingredients; water, salt and electricity - that is it, nothing more.

A Bridge Biotechnology ESOL System is able to create our ESOL product, which essentially is a disinfecting liquid.

ESOL Electrolysed water can be used in a large range of sectors and industries:

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How is ESOL made?

Bridge Biotechnology design and build ESOL generators to suit each customers requirement.

The generators themselves are built to produce varying amounts of ESOL (Litres per hour L/H) we refer to this as the 'size' of the machine, these are available in:

  • 60 L/H
  • 120 L/H
  • 240 L/H

The technology within this system, controls all aspects of this advanced electrolysis reaction, creating a solution with a unique mixture of oxidising species.

The scientists sometimes call Electrolysed water;

  • EOW
  • ECA
  • Electrolyzed oxidising water
  • Electro-activated water
  • Electro-chemically activated solution (ECAS) 

You have to agree, it's is amazing stuff right?

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