ESOL generators bridge biotechnology

Bridge Biotechnology design and build ESOL generators to suit each customers requirement.

The generators themselves are built to produce varying amounts of ESOL (Litres per hour L/H) we refer to this as the 'size' of the machine, they are available in:

  • 60    L/H
  • 120   L/H
  • 240   L/H

The amount of ESOL required, is dependent on its intended use or application; don't worry, we can help you with that.

The systems consist of two modules:

  • 'Dry' Control Module providing the power and processing capability,
  • Generating Module containing the 'wet' components that produce the ESOL, including the unique ESOL core

What does an ESOL generator look like?

All Bridge Biotechnology Generators can be equipped with a Data Logger with an integral GSM/GPRS modem.

This allows you to monitor different variables remotely, such as:

  • ORP (Oxidization Reduction Potential)
  • PH levels
  • Chlorine levels
  • Generator state
  • Water softener state

The Bridge Biotechnology Data logger sends real time and historic data to our web interface

The web interface can display the data in table, chart and graphical views

Data can also be displayed in real time with control panel and mimic panel views (below)

Bridge Biotechnology can also set alarm levels for individual parameters to generate SMS and email alerts to specified recipient


ESOL generator data logger mimic panels

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