As it stands (July 2020), the testing of any products against COVID-19 is not available at the moment however this doesn’t mean that products on the market won’t be proven to be effective.  The best anyone can do is follow best practice hygiene, taking prudent steps to mitigate risk based on the experience from previous Coronavirus strains and similar viruses.

From that perspective, there are products (such as ESOL™) that have demonstrated effectiveness against pathogens from the same family as the new virus.

Based on the evidence available to us, and knowledge of the new virus we would anticipate the same measures and products to be effective against the new strain.

The evaluation of viricidal activity of ESOL™ electrolysed water has been tested against coronavirus according to the methods of BS EN 14476:2013+A2:2019.

In independent laboratory testing, ESOL™ showed strong viricidal activity under the clean test conditions, demonstrating a greater than log 4 reduction of the viable coronavirus even at dilutions of up to 1% ESOL™.