Contamination removal with ESOL and CRS

How can we remove contaminants from water?

Bridge Biotechnology's CRS system (Capacitive Recovery System) is a purifying technology that treats the contamination itself and not the water.

This gives customers the ability to draw contamination out of dirty water with small amounts of electricity.

What is a contaminant?

A contaminant is a solid mass rather than a bacteria or bug.  These solid masses can be microscopic however, they can be detrimental to human health.

Bridge Biotechnologies CRS technology falls in-between Electrochemical and Membrane technologies, cherry picking aspects of both these processes.  CRS purifies water effectively and at little cost. 

 Traditional contaminant removal technologies

  • Thermal Technologies
  • Multi effect distillation
  • Multi stage flash distillation
  • Vapour compression

 Membrane Technologies

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Nano Filtration

 Electrochemical Technologies

  • Ion Exchange
  • Capacitive Deionisation
  • Electrodialysis


Why choose CRS over a traditional technology?

  • Better performance
  • High Water Recovery
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Reduced Fouling
  • Size and Simplicity of the CRS System
  • Retention of Minerals for drinking water

We have a wide range of user friendly Capacitive Recovery Systems available for either purchase or lease:

 The systems have capacities of:

600 L/H

1,200 L/H

2,400 L/H

3,600 L/H (pictured)

The 3,600 L/H System can be used as the building block for larger capacities.

CRS (capacitive Recovery System) water filtration system - contamination removal
CRS (capacitive Recovery System) water filtration system - contamination removal

So how does it work?

Our CRS technology houses a component called a 'cell', the contaminated water is passed through the cell involving a number of different phases.

The four different phase are below:

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