Since 2013, Bridge Biotechnology have worked in collaboration with Portsmouth Aviation and the University of the West of England to develop a compact and portable water purification system capable of delivering clean drinking water at source.

These portable water systems take dirty water, pass it through a series of filtration and disinfection stages resulting in clean, safe drinking water. 

Our biocide, ESOL electrolysed water, is a key component at the stage of disinfection, and serves two purposes:

  1. To keep the ultra filtration membrane completely free from bio fouling
  2. To disinfect the final water product and provide a residual kill protecting the water from recolonization of pathogens after disinfection

The stages of water filtration and disinfection

  • Water is pumped through a filter that blocks large particles
  • Water collects in a settling tank
  • Filters remove particles larger that 100 micrometres
  • On demand biocide (ESOL) cleans the next filter
  • Membranes remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • ESOL electrolysed water kills all remaining bacteria and viruses
  • Clean drinking water is collected

Robin Thorn Biology lecturer University West of England takes dirty water from a duck pond and makes it clean and safe to drink

The system has now been commercially scaled up and is fitted into standard 20ft and 40ft containers. These containers are easy to transport by road, ship or train and are in use in other countries around the globe