Scottish Water test site to improve global drinking water
Bridge Biotechnology; one of the first Scottish firms to test its technology at Scottish Waters first of a kind innovation development centre

Fife-based Bridge Biotechnology has become one of the first Scottish firms to test its technology at Scottish Water’s first-of-a-kind innovation development centre near Inverness after landing support from the Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service (HNWS) and partial funding from Scottish Enterprise. The Dunfermline firm, which designs, manufactures and markets sustainable technologies across a range of […]

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ESOL drinking water approval
water being poured into a glass

Our ESOL electrolysed water technology has been given drinking water approval ESOL has been approved under regulation 31 of the Water Supply Regulations 2000 for use in public water supplies in the UK. What does this mean? Chlorine (hypochlorite) is added to our tap water to kill bacteria and microbes in tap water. Although deemed […]

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Hydro Nations Summit 2016
Power of youth - Hydro Nations Summit 2016

Bridge Biotechnology were delighted to attend the Hydro Nations Summit 2016. This event is organised by the Power of Youth in partnership with Scottish Government and Scottish Development International.   Power of Youth (POY) was founded in 2011 in recognition that the world needs action orientated role models for the next generation and that business […]

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