Swimming Pool Treatment

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ESOL Case Study: Goatacre Care Home Hydrotherapy Suit

Goatacre Manor Care Centre in Wiltshire is a comprehensively equipped private residential care home and a member of the Registered Nursing Home Association.


The Centre has a fully equipped aquatic therapy suite including an aquatic therapy pool (20′ x 19′) and multi-level massage Jacuzzi. The facility is unique in that there is no standard hypochlorite disinfection of the swimming pool and spa. Instead there has been a 60L ESOL Generator installed since 2008 with a feedback system keeping the ORP of the water just above 750 mV.


On Goatacre’s own website they describe the benefits of using ESOL over traditional hypochlorite disinfections as:

- Reduced use of chlorine/carcinogenic materials

- Less irritation for skin and eyes

- Increased efficacy for disinfection

- Green footprint

Keeping a swimming pool clean has traditionally involved; filtering water to remove pollutants, disinfecting water with chlorine to kill infectious microorganisms, ensuring swimmer hygiene to minimize contamination, and regular testing of pool water, including chlorine PPM level  and pH level.


Over the past few years, there has been an increasing recognition among water treatment specialists and health officials that the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP or Redox) can provide a superior measure of disinfection in a pool or spa.


ORP technology has been recognized and incorporated into European and world water standards for several years. In 1972, the World Health Organization recognized in its Standards for Drinking Water (WHO 1972) that at an ORP level of 650 millivolts (mV), water is disinfected and viral inactivation is almost instantaneous.


In 1968, a laboratory study by Carlson, Hasselbarth and Mecke of the Water Hygiene Institute of the German Federal Health Office showed that the rate of killing of E.coli organisms in swimming pool water is dependent on ORP and not on the free residual chlorine level. The kill time is just a fraction of a second at a Redox level of 650 mV, but it increases rapidly to several hours at lower ORP values.


In Germany and other European countries where public health standards are very high, a minimum ORP level of 750 mV is required by DIN Standard 19643 (adopted in 1982) for public pools and DIN Standard 19644 for spas (December 1984).

ESOL has a proven track record at effectively disinfecting swimming pools with none of the disadvantages that come with chlorine disinfection.