How can ESOL be applied?

Once in possession a Bridge Biotechnology Generator the owner has complete control over how the ESOL product is applied.


Aerosol delivery technology utilizes solid particles or liquid droplets suspended in a gas (i.e., ESOL droplets carried in air), in contrast to vapours, in which the substance itself is in the gas phase.

For environmental decontamination applications within habitable spaces, clearly certain biocides are too toxic (e.g., phenolics and glutaraldehyde) or flammable (e.g., alcohols) or have the potential to leave unwanted residues on surfaces (e.g., iodophors). ESOL has none of these drawbacks.

Direct Liquid Application

ESOL is produced by a Bridge Biotechnology Generator as a liquid, therefore the simplest method of application is to use the ESOL in an 'open-bucket' form.

There are no safety concerns when using ESOL, allowing the user to handle the solution when fully concentrated. Dipping a cloth in pure ESOL and wiping down surfaces is a simple way of utilising ESOL's highly disinfecting properties.


Effective biocidal action of any given active agent is reliant on concentration, exposure time, composition of the contact surface (with rough and/or absorbent surfaces requiring a longer contact time), and presence of organic loading. It is important to utilise a delivery mechanism that will maximize the antimicrobial potential of ESOL.

ESOL is produced as a liquid and keeps its biocidal properties for longer when kept at a cold temperature compared to a hot temperature. Freezing ESOL therefore is an excellent way of utilising and maintaining the properties of ESOL. Ice has been used to preserve foodstuff for centuries. The antimicrobial effect of ESOL on top of this leads to a product lasting even longer.

Spraying ESOL allows the user to apply ESOL over a large area with excellent coverage. The method is generally more affordable than misting and can be done by hand. There is also the option of spraying under high pressure if required which has the added benefit of removing large pieces of debris by force.


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