ESOL Technology Maintenance Packages

Bridge Biotechnology offer a Maintenance Service tailored to customers' requirements; be it permanent on site presence, planned maintenance of the equipment or emergency call out 24 hours, 7 days per week.

24/7/365 call outs with a dedicated 24 hour helpline service.  The companies response time for call out is set as per each customers Service Level Agreement (SLA) however should the customer encounter an issue and contact the service department (via phone or email) the engineer will respond within one hour, if not immediately.  Once the problem has been rectified, the engineer will respond to the customer by telephone or email and a service report will also be sent to the customer for their records.

Maintenance can be offered:


Routine only basis 09:00 to 17:00 hours Monday to Friday


Call out 24 hours / 7 days per   week

At Bridge Biotechnology we are strongly committed to customer care. We aim to ensure that our customers are provided with a solution to meet specific requirements and that all care will be taken to ensure timely and efficient servicing of that requirement. It is our policy that all supply will be followed by regular attention to the maintenance of the system and to the on-going needs of the client. Bridge Biotechnology is committed to service level agreements to give our customer vision and confidence on the service we offer.


Rental maintenance contract

Pre-plan Maintenance contract


24/7 Hours Service

Bridge Systems will supply, install, commission and maintain the equipment for the contract periods, these can vary from 36-60 months.

Our workshop will carry out ad-hoc repairs on any of the equipment supplied by us.