Livestock and Fish Care

ESOL is proven to effectively eliminate pathogens that cause serious problems to livestock, poultry and farmed fish.

Mastitis is a persistent, inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue. It is one of the most common diseases in the dairy industry worldwide and is most often transmitted by contact with a dirty milking machine, and through contaminated hands or materials. ESOL has been scientifically proven to radically reduce the likelihood of transmission and therefore incidence of the disease.


As well as following the milking system protocol outlined previously,

ESOL can be used to reduce disease caused by the milking system by:

- Applying a pre-milking teat dip or spray and wiping teats dry prior to milking

- After milking, teats can be cleaned again to remove the growth medium for bacteria

- ESOL, produced on site, will act as a disinfectant and a barrier between the open teat and the bacteria in the air

Mastitis prevention

A scientific paper published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology (please contact Bridge Biotechnology for details) on the inactivating effect of ESOL on Campylobacter during poultry washing.

The main findings of the study were as follows:


- Campylobacter was inactivated within 10 seconds after exposure to pure ESOL

- Diluted ESOL reduced the Campylobacter to less than 10 CFU/ml after 10 seconds exposure

- Chlorine water tested against the ESOL was less effective

- There was no viable Campylobacter in ESOL after the washing process (unlike the wash control) indicating there would be no cross contamination in a practical wash environment.

Pathogens can penetrate eggshell through small pores in their structure. A scientific paper was published in Poultry Science on the benefits of using ESOL on eggshells to reduce microbial load. The study took eggs and sprayed half with ESOL and left the other half untreated.


The main findings of the paper were as follows:

- Eggshell microbial load was significantly decreased by spraying the eggs with ESOL

- There was no effect on cuticle structure, normal embryonic development, and hatchability when compared to the control

- Chick quality, as determined by visual assessment and birth weight, was also not affected compared to the control

- Broiler mortality during the first 2 weeks of the production period was significantly reduced in the chicks that hatched from eggs sprayed with ESOL

Campylobacter reduction

Aquarium Disinfection

ESOL is currently used by one of Europe's leading marine life suppliers. De Jong Marinelife supplies aquatic stores and public aquaria and has a constant stock of over 25,000 different 1000 different species.

ESOL dosing effectively controls:

- Pathogenic bacteria

- Protozoan parasites

- Monogenean flukes

- Fungal Infections

- Organics in the water, reducing the biological oxygen demand

- Biofilm build-up on the tanks and equipment

Eggshell treatment

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