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Cafe Braw Exterior

ESOL Case Study: Cafe Braw, Edinburgh

Cafe Braw is located on Belford Road in Edinburgh's west end. The cafe make a fresh and exciting range of breakfasts, lunches, and picnic food to go, as well as delicious spreads for business lunches and functions.


Cafe Braw's cleaning needs are completely meet by Bridge Biotechnology's ESOL product.

ESOL has an extremely broad spectrum of disinfection and a rapid kill rate, it is also environmentally friendly and completely safe to use without protective equipment. This makes it an ideal general disinfectant. If specific pathogens are of concern to you, please reference our kill list in the ESOL - Basics section or get in touch for specific pathogen case studies involving ESOL.


Our commercially available ESOL generators come in range of sizes to suit your needs and allow you to produce a sanitiser on site when required. All that is needed is salt, water and a mains power supply. That's it!

Graph illustrating the speed of ESOL compared to bleach, Virkon and ethanol

Independent testing of ESOL compared to three widely used disinfectants

ESOL Research - Application of Bacterial Bioluminescence to Assess the Efficacy of Fast-Acting Biocides

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In 2011, the University of the West of England published a study comparing the speed of efficacy of ESOL, bleach, Virkon, and ethanol. The bacterium used was a genetically modified strain of Escherichia coli that emitted light. Because light emission is linked directly to bacterial metabolism, by monitoring light output, the impact of fast-acting biocides was able to be assessed. The biocides were assessed at three concentrations (1%, 10%, 80%) and ESOL was found to be the fastest acting at all three concentrations when not in the presence of organic load.

ESOL is scientifically proven to work faster than bleach, Virkon and ethanol.