Traditional purifying technologies

Thermal Technologies

- Multi effect distillation

- Multi stage flash distillation

- Vapour compression


Membrane Technologies

- Reverse Osmosis

- Nano Filtration


Electrochemical Technologies

- Ion Exchange

- Capacitive Deionisation

- Electrodialysis

Capacitive Recovery - The Basics


Bridge Biotechnologies CRS technology falls in-between Electrochemical and Membrane technologies. Cherry picking aspects of both these processes, CRS purifies water effectively and at little cost.

Capacitive recovery systems or CRS is a purifying technology that treats the contamination itself and not the water, giving customers the ability to draw contamination out of dirty water with small amounts of electricity.


In 2013 one of the first Capacitive Recovery Systems was installed for drinking water purification

Over the last century large amounts of contamination has been, and continues to be, released by various industries threatening the environment and human health.


Currently there is a growing awareness of the impact of these contaminants on groundwater, rivers, and lakes. Their removal is vitally important in the production of safe drinking water and the environmentally and legally responsible release of wastewater.