CRS - Removing contamination from water

Drinking Water Purification

Chromium Removal


Bridge Biotechnology’s Capacitive Recovery System began development in 2014.


Initially the requirement was to remove nitrates, nitrites and ammonia contaminants from a water source in central Europe. At the end of 2014 Capacitive Recovery was tested in a lab based setting by the University of the West of England and verified as effectively removing the contamination to a level within the World Health Organisation set parameters.


The technology has subsequently been tested at numerous locations throughout Europe and has proven to work effectively in all environments.


The technology has been included in a large manufacturing Mobile Water Purification system sold by our partners throughout Europe.

A partner of Bridge Biotechnology, Portsmouth Aviation, has been providing high quality, close-tolerance metal finishing services for over 60 years. The company one of the largest metal treatment facilities on the south coast and hold all related quality approvals.


Services available include; Sulphuric Anodising, Chromic Anodising, Nitric Acid Passivation, Alochrom 1200, Zinc Plating, Cadmium Plating, Manganese Phosphating, Zinc Phosphating, Painting and powder and Non-destructive testing.


Bridge Biotechnology was approached to investigate whether CRS could be a viable method of recycling the water used in the chromic acid anodising line.


In house testing conducted by Bridge Biotechnology in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde found that CRS technology was capable of reducing the chromic acid level by between 90 - 99%.